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Updated on: 16.03.2017


The pixMatch application that bet on the contract (App);


  • Uses search engine services for search results.
  • Member does not share information, user statistics and search results and data with 3rd parties and companies.
  • It keeps search results and contents with user permission in order to organize the searches from scratch.
  • Records and materials related to the search are completely deleted from our servers by user decision.
  • Sharing with the user selection is not responsible for the privacy of search results.
  • Searching illegally identifiable images is prohibited.
  • He is responsible for user-uploaded content and obligations.
  • IP addresses are recorded during user login and picture sending.
  • The system reserves the right to control the images uploaded to the system, to delete the search and results if necessary by sending a notification to the user, and to continue the administration without applying the user.
  • The user has accepted these items using the application.


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